Reaching Heaven

Is worship more than singing? Yes, it is a lifestyle that touches every part of our relationship with God and even with each other. Join us as we examine worship and why it is so vital to the Christian walk.

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“Worship Is…”
Pastor Jeremiah Vik,  July 4, 2010 @ Remnant Church
mp3 audio file: Worship Is…

“Worship Thru Obedience”
Pastor Jeremiah Vik,  July 18, 2010 @ Remnant Church
mp3 audio file: Worship Thru Obedience

“Worship Thru Tough Times”
Pastor Jerry Godsey,  July 25, 2010 @ Remnant Church
mp3 audio file: Worship Thru Tough Times

“Worship Thru Relationships”
Pastor Jeremiah Vik, August 1, 2010
mp3 audio file: Worship Thru Relationships

“Worship Thru Celebration”
Pastor Jerry Godsey, August 8, 2010
mp3 audio (poor quality) Worship Thru Celebration

“Worship Attitude”
Pastor Jerry Godsey, August 15, 2010
mp3 audio Worship Attitude

“A Worship Lifestyle”
Pastor Frank Garcia, August 22, 2010
mp3 audio A Worship Lifestyle
Raw Audio! Holy Grounds, Tuesday, August 24, 2010

“Model Of A Worshiper”
Pastor Jeremiah Vik, August 29, 2010
mp3 audio Model Of A Worshiper

Holy Grounds Bible Study Holy Grounds, Tuesday, August 31, 2010

“Worship As Warfare”
Pastor Jerry Godsey, September 5, 2010
mp3 audio Worship As Warfare

“Worship Through Confession”
Pastor Jeremiah Vik, September 19, 2010
mp3 audio Worship Through Confession

“The Impact of Worship”
Pastor Jerry Godsey, Sunday, September 26, 2010
mp3 audio The Impact of Worship

“Worshipping Churches”
Pastor Frank Garcia, Sunday, October 3, 2010
mp3 audio Worshipping Churches

“Broken And Spilled Out”
Pastor Jerry Godsey, Sunday, October 24, 2010
mp3 audio “Broken And Spilled Out”