Easter Series

The holiest time of the year, remembered as only Remnant can.

Easter 2015 “Why” Three great services, one incredible answer…

Easter 2016 Remnant Holy Week

Easter 2017 “Look” Take a look at Holy Week through the eyes of those who were there.

Palm Sunday and Easter messages

“The Way of the Cross”  (The very first message at Remnant! Palm Sunday, 2007)

“Mob Mentality”  Palm Sunday 2008

“It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’”  Easter Sunday 2008

“Louder than Rock”   Palm Sunday 2009 Message

“Rolled Stone”   Easter Sunday 2009 Message

“He’s Alive” Easter Sunday 2011

“Safe Distance” Palm Sunday 2011

“The Day That Shook The World” Easter 2012

“Fair Weather Friends” Palm Sunday 2012

He Is Alive Easter Sunday 2013

The Fork In The Road Palm Sunday, 2013