Christian Living Series

Remnant has always been a church where you can grow spiritually. The sermon series below are examples of our commitment to the growth of each person.

“40 Days In The Word”

“Boiling Point” Has your faith become lukewarm?

“Connect” Discovering ways to connect with God

“CPR” Sharing our faith is a matter of life and death

“Elements” The building blocks of Christianity

“God Of This City” Reaching your world for Christ

“God’s Top Ten” A series on the Ten Commandments

“Identification” The names of God and what they mean to us

“Jesus In The Margins” Jesus came for everyone, even those marginalized by society

“The Least Likely” If you’re the least likely person for God to use, you’re in good company

“Lightup” We have been given everything we need to light up our world for Jesus.

“Loser” We all make mistakes, but God say failure is not fatal.

“Manifesto” A powerful series on the Sermon on the Mount, and how to live it

“My Place In This World” The very first sermon series at Remnant!

“Mythbusters” Testing the myths of truth, happiness and spirituality

“On Earth As It Is In Heaven” Breaking down the Lord’s Prayer

“Reaching Heaven” A series on worship and its place in our daily lives

“Take The Plunge” The waters may be scary, but take the plunge into ministry

“Thanks…” Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

“Tough Sayings of Jesus” Jesus said some tough things, this series tries to explain them

“You Can’t Say That In Church” A series on pure and holy sexuality, with the typical Remnant touch!